Sitting for Other Pets

By Creation's Care

Have a Different Type of Pet? We Can Help You Take Care of Them Too.

There are many animals that fit into the category of being a pet, and they require love, attention, feeding and water when pet owners are absent for extended periods of time. Finding a qualified sitter that is able to care for these special needs animals is difficult.

Does the sitter know what your horse or other farm animal needs? Will the proper attention be given. How about a bird, like a cockatoo or parakeet?  Do family members or friends have the know-how to care for a ferret? 

The staff at Creation’s Care Pet Sitting is, in most cases, able to professionally meet the needs of these pets. In fact, Virginia McMullen has a degree in therapeutic horsemanship and has had experience with the organization of “Hands and Hearts for Horses.” In addition, her extensive experience has given her access to and allowed for the caring of many species of pets.

If you would like to learn more or simply want to find out if we can offer services to your particular type of pet, please contact us.

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