Tallahassee Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Your pet is like family. Ensure their safety and comfort by choosing at home pet care instead of boarding kennels or veterinarian's offices. With services throughout Leon and neighboring counties your pet can feel at home right at home.

Affordable At-Home Pet Care.

Convenient Appointments. Verified Pet Sitters. Easy.

Meet Virginia

Virginia McMullen hails from Centerville VA. Where she rode horses and participated in equine therapeutic activities. With her love of animals and desire to help people, she went on to earn her B.A. in Therapeutic Horsemanship at the St. Andrews Presbyterian College.

Virginia began casually pet sitting in 2008 while working in her field of study with “Hands and Hearts for Horses” in Thomasville GA.
In 2012, Virginia learned that she could turn this love of animals into a business and career through Pet Sitters International (PSI). With this knowledge, Creation’s Care Pet Sitting became a reality.

While the day to day may be focused with the care of household companion animals, we in turn, also “care” for our clients, providing peace of mind, ensuring through constant communication that their pets are happy and well cared for when travel or daily work obligations take them away from home.

Our Services

Creation’s Care Pet Sitting is insured and bonded through Business Insurers of the Carolinas and offers a wide array of care options that allow your pets to stay at home when work or pleasure keep you away.  Additionally, we are proud to be a Cat Kingpin Certified Provider.

Dog Visits

Your dog is like part of your family and leaving him or her alone during the day causes as much anxiety to you as it does to them. Thankfully, the experts at Creation's Care can help by visiting your dog in the Tallahassee area.

Dog Walking

Nobody likes to come home to a possible mess because their dog has not been able to go outside. A perfect compliment to our Dog Visit service, our dog walks will make sure your pooch gets the exercise they deserve.

Overnight Dog Care

While we all wish we could take our favorite puppy with us everywhere that's not always the case. Yet, the thought of boarding him or her at a kennel or vet's office is scary. The responsible and caring pros at Creation's Care can help!

Cat Visits

Our furry feline friends may seem independent but in reality they need as much companionship as their canine counterparts. As well, regular visits and companionship ensure a happy and well behaved kitty!

Overnight Cat Care

We all know that cats hate changes to their routines. This is especially true for cats who are purely indoor pets. Kennels and vet's office are scary for cats as they may be faced with animals they are not used. Creation's Care can help!

Sitting For Other Pets

Our best friends can come in all shapes, sizes and colors! While we are experts at caring for dogs and cats we're well accustomed to pets of many other varieties. Not sure if we can help? Simply give us a call to find out!


Part Of The Family

Creation’s Care Pet Sitting is family oriented.  We want to make sure you’re comfortable with the people around your pets and in your home.  Our growing client list is full of pet owners just like you who have experienced the difference at-home pet care makes.  With a 5-star rating from Google, you’ll quickly learn why.

Trained Personnel

Virginia McMullen is fanatical about making sure that Creation’s Care is the trusted name in pet care in Tallahassee.  That’s why she carefully picks each team member so that you can rest easy in knowing that the professionals interacting withy your pet in your home are trained, checked and properly vetted.