Tallahassee Pet Sitting

Originally established in 2012, Creation’s Care Pet Sitting is the only pet sitting service serving pets and their “parents” in Tallahassee and Havana

Owner and Founder, Virginia McMullen with her dogs, Lucky and Little Bit

Florida founded on a social entrepreneurial model. While we love what we do, and provide each pet the quality care that we desire and expect for our own pets, why we do what we do is purely based on our desire to impact change for both our local and global community.  As such, we are partnered with Redeye Coffee, donating 10% of all gross income to the humanitarian causes they support.  It is our hope and goal to be donating in at or in excess of $10,000 on an annual basis by 2027.


Creation’s Care Pet Sitting is insured and bonded through Business Insurers of the Carolinas and offers a wide array of care options that allow your pets to stay at home when work or pleasure keep you away. Click Here to find out more on how we can help you give the best care to your pets when you’re not there.