Pet First Aid Essentials

Whether you are at home, on an extended trip, or taking an extended walk or hiking trip with your dog, being prepared to administer first aid in any situation is essential.  Though larger items, such as blankets, can be bulky and are best left in the home kit and car, most first aid essentials are small enough to fit in a fanny pack during those outdoor excursions with your pet.  Having them readily available can mean the difference in how quickly they recover.

The following (though not a complete list) are the basic elements that should be in every pet first aid:

  1. 1-inch roll of adhesive tapePet First Aid Kit
  2. 3 or 4-inch square gauze pads
  3. Gauze rolls (2-inch for small pets, 3-inch for larger dogs)
  4. Triangular bandages
  5. Individually-wrapped sanitary napkins
  6. Digital Thermometer
  7. Blunt-ended Scissors
  8. Tweezers
  9. Eye Dropper
  10. Antihistamine (preferably gall caps so you can puncture the pill and administer the medicine into their mouth)
  11. Triple Antibiotic like Neosporin*
  12. Hydrogen Poroxide (3%)*
  13. Petrolium or KY Jelly*
  14. Small flashlight
  15. Extra leash and collar
  16. Muzzle (learn how to create a makeshift emergency muzzle at a Pet Tech Course!!)
  17. Photo of you and your pet
  18. Latex Gloves
  19. Plastic bags

* Travel size or prepared towelettes work great for smaller kits!!

For more information regarding pet first aid, contact Virginia McMullen, Certified Pet pic for post Tech Instructor, P.T.I. #1928.

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