What is a Professional Pet Sitter? Does it really matter?

Animal lovers abound in just about every community nationwide and abroad and undoubtedly you will see signs and online posts for pet sitting pop up for the summer and major holidays offering to help care for your pet when you travel.  Most are older teens or college students who, though with good intentions, may only have the experience that comes from owning their own pet.  So, what’s the harm in that?  They seem reliable.  In the attached clip, Patti Moran states why taking the extra time to find the right sitter is so important.


This clip was taken from http://www.petsit.com/get-a-real-pet-sitter-campaign.  Creation’s Care Pet Sitting is a member of Pet Sitters International.   They are insured and bonded and all sitters (Virginia, owner, and husband David) are trained in Pet CPR/First Aid.  Virginia is currently studying for her certification as a Certified Professional Pet Sitter through Pet Sitters International and will complete the course in June of this year. For more information regarding Creation’s Care Pet Sitting visit www.creationscare.vpweb.com. 

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