Is your pet overweight?

It is not a fun topic to think about, and is one some may not realize is true, but research from the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention finds that 53% of the US pet population is overweight.  But obesity in our pets can be fixed through proper diet and exercise.  See the attached article from Dr. Ernie Ward on how you can prevent your beloved pet from becoming overweight.

weight management and exercise

Want to know more?  Invest in your pet by attending an eight hour PetSaver course from a Certified Pet Tech Instructor.  With the PetSaver course, you will lean the basics of caring for your beloved pet regarding such topics as dental health, nutrition and exercise, first aid and cpr.  Though the information given in these classes will not (and should not) be used in place of the advice from your veterinarian, it is meant to complement veterinary advice and will help you better care for your pet.  For more information or to find a class near you go to

Virginia is a Certified Pet Tech Instructor, P.T.I. #1928 and holds monthly classes in the Tallahassee and surrounding area.  For more information, please visit the above site or

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