Meet the Staff of Creation’s Care

So who’s behind Creation’s Care Pet Sitting?  Here’s a look behind the scenes at who we are and why it all got started.

20160703_183101-1Virginia S. McMullen, Founder/Petsitter

Virginia’s love of animals came at an early age when, along with assisting in the care of her childhood dog, Dudley, she began riding horses and assisting with equine therapeutic activities in her childhood home in Centreville, VA.  Virginia followed her passion of helping others as a young adult, achieving her B.A. in Therapeutic Horsemanship.

Virginia began casually pet sitting in 2008 while working within her field of study at Hands and Hearts for Horses in Thomasville, GA.  It wasn’t until 2012 that Virginia learned she could turn her love of caring for animals into a professional business and career through Pet Sitters International

While currently limiting her services to daytime visits and dog walks so she can be with her own canine companions at night, Virginia is excited to engage in courses for animal behavior and training in order to add those services in the years to come.

David W. McMullen Jr. Co-Founder/Pet Sitter

david and VAThough he holds no formal education regarding pets or pet care, David was eager to jump in in support of Virginia’s vision to take her love of pet sitting to the professional level. As part of the Creation’s Care staff, David primarily assisted with daytime and extended overnight visits when the company originally opened in 2014.  Though his primary role now will be to care for “the kids” while Virginia is away from home, he is looking forward to joining in on weekend and evening visits as part of the re-established Creation’s Care Pet Sitting team.


Lucky and “Lil Bit”

20151218_081914Lucky, the mini schnauzer, and Lil Bit (short for Lucky), the chihuahua, were adopted by the McMullen’s in 2015 soon after the passing of Virginia’s first pet, MJ.  Both were swooped up from the Companion Animal Rescue Endeavor (C.A.R.E.) in Tallahassee.  Unlike other rescue shelters, C.A.R.E specifically targets the needs of sick or injured pets that would otherwise be euthanized if they were taken directly to a shelter.  After completing their rehab under the loving care of local veterinarians and their staff, animals like Lucky and Lil Bit are put up for adoption.  Since joining the McMullen family, both dogs have stole the heart of their “momma.” While they don’t like it when momma or poppa leaves for work (or anytime really) they are always eager to welcome them back home with tons of licks, barks, and tail wags.

To learn more about us and the services offered by Creation’s Care Pet Sitting, visit us on our webpage.  Summer reservations are still available.  Call us today to ensure your your pets get  the same love and care at home, even when your not there!

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