Beat the Heat, part II: Know the signs of heat exhaustion.

August 15th marked the first day of school for students all across Tallahassee, Florida, with neighboring counties following suit in the coming weeks, if they haven’t already.  Yet despite this figurative end to summer and many looking forward to the upcoming football games this fall,  the hot and humid temperatures are showing no signs of backing down.  With temps still reaching well above 90 on any given day, and the heat index hitting even higher, it is important to avoid keeping your pet (and yourself) outside for extended periods of time.  When you do take them out for their mid day potty break, make the trip as brief as possible and to watch for any signs of heat exhaustion.  Symptoms to look out for include panting

  • increased respiration
  • increased panting
  • increased heart rate
  • restlessness
  • excessive salivation
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea

If not recognized immediately,  these symptoms can progress to weakness,  staggering,  gasping, coma, or death*.

So what should you fo if you think your pet is exhibiting these symptoms? Bring them inside immediately, check their temperature with a thermometer designated for pet use only, and begin wrapping their body in cool damp towels if their temperature is anything over 102 degrees Fahrenheit.  It is also extremely important to call your vet, relaying all the symptoms you notice, and follow any recommendations they may have.

Keeping your pet safe in the summer heat is as simple as one, two,  three, four.   Keep them indoors as much as possible,  provide plenty of water and shade when they are outdoors, know the signs of heat exhaustion,  and act promptly if you are concerned they may be getting too hot.

Worried your pooch may get too bored avoiding the heat while your at work or school? The professional pet sitters at Creation’s Care Pet Sitting are available to play with and care for your pet when you’re not there.  Contact us for more information or to schedule your FREE meet and greet today!

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