Keeping your kids and pets safe as the Temps start to rise

cold and hot thermometer (2)As the middle of May approaches, the high temperatures are once again hitting the low to mid 90s in North Florida and South Georgia.

If you have lived in the area for any length of time, you might welcome the various opportunities that this time of year brings.  Longer days mean more time for outdoor activities, trips to the park or museum, and, (who can forget) that summer time favorite, the beach.

While the longer days and warmer temperatures may be enjoyable, they can also pose of dangerous threat for children and pets if left to long in the sun or a hot car.  According to a 1995 study out of the Louisiana State Medical Society, a hot car can reach and exceed temperatures of 125 degrees Fahrenheit within 20 minutes.  At these temperatures a child or pet would begin heat in car graphicsuffering heat stroke as soon as their core body temperature reached above 104 degrees Fahrenheit, usually in under fifteen minutes.  Think cracking the window will help?  As the diagram indicates, it doesn’t.  So whether you are heading out of town, or just down the road to the bank, if your kids and pets can’t leave the car with you, keep them safe and leave them at home.

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