Grand Reopening Announcement

open for businessPet Care Specialist, Virginia McMullen, owner of Creation’s Care Pet Sitting, is excited to formally introduce her pet sitting and dog walking services to pet parents throughout Tallahassee and Havana, Florida.  Mrs. McMullen has over ten years’ experience, beginning with friends and coworkers, and transitioned to working full time in her business last month.

When asked about the importance of her services, McMullen explained that traditional boarding can produce more stress for pets than some may realize, exposing them to sickness and disease.  “With my services, your pets stay at home, maintaining their normal routines and feeding schedule,” McMullen stated.  “Additionally, keeping your pets at home while you travel can reduce the need for additional vaccination from contagious diseases such as Bordetella (kennel cough) and Canine Influenza, both of which are now required by most boarding facilities and groomers in light of recent flu outbreaks”.  McMullen always recommends talking with your veterinarian to determine whether your pet’s lifestyle increases the risk for these diseases.

Creation’s Care Pet Sitting serves pet parents who are traveling for business or pleasure20160703_183101-1 or whose pet needs to be walked during the workday.  “While it is true that most adult dogs can ‘hold their business’ just fine until their owner returns home from work, some need the mental and social stimulation throughout the day to prevent the onset of boredom and unwanted behaviors.  This can be especially true for adolescent and young adult dogs,” McMullen said.

Creation’s Care Pet Sitting serves all types of companion animals including caged pets and exotics and will consider caring for farm animals on a case by case basis.  Currently ten percent of all gross proceeds are donated to local and global humanitarian efforts through a partnership with Redeye Coffee.

For additional information, call 850-296-8713 or visit online at


Virginia McMullen, owner, Creation’s Care Pet Sitting


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