Providing the care your pet’s deserve without the unnecessary expense

Towards the end of August, a prospective client reached out to me interested in using our pet sitting service during Labor Day weekend.  While my prospect had previously boarded their dogs at one of the local veterinary clinics and had planned to do so for this trip as well, they quickly looked for an alternative after receiving this call: “Mrs. Smith, * this is Jodi over at the animal clinic.  We were just calling to confirm your your reservation for the Labor Day holiday, but also wanted to inform you that due to the recent influenza outbreak, we are requiring all boarding pets to receive the influenza vaccine.  There are a few shots in this series in order to guarantee immunity and because of that, we will need you to bring your pets in by this coming Saturday in order for us to uphold the boarding reservation for you.”

Alarmed, and preferring not to administer the vaccine, Mr. and Mrs. Smith reached out to us and were able to go on their weekend trip with the peace of mind that their pets were well taken car of, at home, without having to administer unwanted vaccines that the boarding facility deemed mandatory for boarding.

The flu vaccine is one of two vaccines (with bordetella, aka kennel cough, being theDog Nurse Shot and Vaccine Bottle second) that are now regularly mandated across the Big Bend at most boarding facilities, doggie day cares, and kennels.  While the intent in requiring these vaccines is ultimately for the benefit of the pet, for pets that only frequent a boarding facility when their “parents” travel for business or pleasure, it is still largely unnecessary**.

Though it may be true that using Creation’s Care for your pets may appear to be more expensive on paper, one must consider all of the individual costs included (and not included) when making the best decision for their pets.

  • With Creation’s Care, your pets stay in your home.  They use their own feed bowls, sleep on their own bed, and go out into their own fenced backyard.  Many facilities highly discourage bringing personal items because they don’t want them to get lost or misplaced and even if you do bring them, they are often put in a cubby and not used.
  • Secondly, depending on where the above mentioned vaccines are administered, pet parents will pay anywhere from $20-30 per shot (on a rough estimate). Have multiple pets, and that bill can really add up- and we haven’t even gotten to the cost of the actual boarding yet.
  • Boarding fees are typically calculated by weight per pet.  Here again, multiple pets means double the cost, though if you shop around long enough you might find one that will board the second dog for half price.
  • At Creation’s Care, we charge a flat fee for the time spent in your home regardless of whether there is one pet, five pets, or multiple species of pets in the home.

Ultimately, each pet parent needs to do what is best for their pet, but to us (because we are pet parents too!), the choice is clear.  This holiday season, trust the professional care of Creation’s Care to care for your pets (in their own home) when you’re not there.

For more information, check us out on the web at or give us a call at 850-296-8713.


*Names used in this article have been modified to protect our client’s identity.  The conversation above is a paraphrase of what our client was actually told.

**please note: if your pets regularly frequent public areas  such as dog parks, grooming salons, and the like where they are regularly exposed to unfamiliar dogs, it is still highly recommended to vaccinate your pet.

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