Tallahassee Pet Sitting

cropped-woman-feeding-dog-food.jpgDaytime Care Visit

Our daytime care visit is comprised of a thirty (30) minute visit with the purpose of feeding, checking water supply, and engaging in play with the pets.  Does your pooch need to get some exercise while your away? No problem! Our visits include customized time outside for exercise as needed during a visit. Mail/Newspaper retrieval and light alteration is included.  Services are rendered between 6am and 11pm daily.  

How many times do you come out? While the number of times we visit each day is based on your preference and your pet’s particular needs, we require that we visit each canine household at least twice per day while you are out of town.  It is our strong recommendation that your feline friends are visited at least once per 24 hour period

I have a friend who wants to help too, is that ok? While we do appreciate knowing who else might have a key and/or be able to access the home in case of emergency, it is our current policy not to “share jobs” with friends or family under normal circumstances.  Therefore, even if friends or family are asked to visit the home periodically, we will still request to visit your pets as described above.  This is to ensure that your pets are cared for in a timely manner and to prevent unneeded accidents or house soiling.

Overnight Pet Care

Prefer us to stay overnight with your pet?  Our overnight service includes one of sitters staying in your home for a approximately twelve to fifteen (12-15) hours within a twenty-four (24) hour period, including the overnight hours.   Mail/Newspaper retrieval, med administration (if needed) and basic home care all included.  Please note: it is common for us to be caring for more than one household at a time.  Because of this, we may need to leave early in the morning or late at night to care for other pets, and then return to your home.